Currency Transfer - Easy and Secure

Currency transfer with Tranzfers is easy and secure. Our user-friendly interface allows you maximum control over your transactions and gives you total transparency on the status of your payments.

All you need to do to get started for future currency transfers is register and talk to one of our dealers to verify your details. After that you can do everything online at the click of a button! Should you have any questions you can of course always call our team of dealers.

Why is Tranzfers a secure currency transfers company?

Tranzfers is part of the Sydney-based OFX Group, one of Australia's most successful currency transfer companies.

Tip! If you are looking to transfer currency, always make sure the provider of your choice is regulated by a government authority.

We process around 300,000 payments every year and have approximately 80,000 dealing clients all over the world. With offices in Sydney, London and Toronto, our team of experienced dealers looks after clients' fund around the clock and we pride ourselves with delivering outstanding customers service.

Sign up now and transfer currencies with Tranzfers – it's easy and secure!