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Weak US data shrugged off as investors look forward

30/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD slipped under 1.67 again yesterday morning amid a lack of any top tier UK economic data, but then found solid support and rallied back to 1.6735 as investors locked in a bit of profit. Cable then settled around 1.6720 as markets looked ahead to ...
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GBP/USD tests a break below 1.67 ahead of US GDP data

29/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The pound continued to slide yesterday. Month end related buying in EUR/GBP has accelerated the losses in cable and the pair has broken down through stop loss levels. It fell to a low of 1.6699 yesterday, the move also being prompted in part by BoE Governor ...
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Dollar stronger in reaction to strong data

28/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD has lost quite a bit of ground over the last 24 hours, falling from 1.6880 to a low of 1.6763. It opens close to this low this morning. The news that Pfizer had pulled out of the running to buy AstraZeneca dragged on the pound, a somewhat delayed ...
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Markets back in full swing after long weekend

27/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: UK It was a public holiday in the UK and US on Monday and so there wasn’t much activity in FX markets or movement in GBP/USD. The pair traded a narrow range between 1.6835 and 1.6851. News that Pfizer was no longer set to buy AstraZeneca and the MEP ...
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Euro continues its slide as data disappoints

23/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: UK 2nd Estimate GDP printed in line with expectations yesterday at 0.8% but it was the weak public sector borrowing data that took markets by surprise. UK government borrowing rose sharply in April to £11.5bn, up from £1.9bn y/y. Investors were ...
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Euro continues to feel the pain as rate cut expectations grow

22/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: UK Retail Sales beat expectations yesterday with an m/m jump of 1.3%, far exceeding the forecast of 0.4%. All stores except petrol stations saw an increase in sales with April ’14 showing an increase of 6.9% from April ’13. With UK house prices ...
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Markets look to UK Retail Sales and MPC minutes

21/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Sterling was buoyed by yet more positive data yesterday when CPI printed higher than expected. The consensus was for a rise from 1.6% to 1.7% but the release showed prices rose by 1.8% year on year in April. This was the first increase in inflation since ...
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GBP higher across the board after strong inflation data

20/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The pound traded to a high of 1.6839 yesterday but that’s about all it could muster in light of AstraZeneca’s latest rejection of Pfizer’s increased share price offer. It slipped back towards - but not under - 1.68 as the USD firmed up ...
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FX markets open this week with a big yawn

19/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: It was a quiet finish to the week last week and it’s been a quiet start this week. GBP/USD has pushed slowly higher since Friday morning, up through 1.68 and on to a high of 1.6835. On Friday the Fed’s James Bullard was speaking and said that ...
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USD weakens as treasury yields fall

16/05/2014 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The pound has made steady gains vs. the dollar. FX markets are trading with a risk off tone at the moment too, yet despite this the dollar has weakened. US data, released yesterday, was a mixed bag - Core CPI m/m beat expectations, rising 0.2% vs. forecasts ...
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