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Fiscal cliff continues to dominate price action in currency markets

30/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD has risen steadily over the last 24 hours amid varied (positive and negative) official comments out of the US regarding the fiscal cliff and potential for an imminent agreement between both parties. Meanwhile a spate of US economic data released ...
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Optimism over a deal to avoid US fiscal cliff drives improved risk sentiment

29/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The pound lost ground early on Wednesday following comments from Bank of England deputy Governor Bean. He said: “certainly we haven’t closed the door forever on further asset purchases and it would be incorrect to say that we’ve decided ...
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GBP resilient in light of downbeat comments from BOEs King

28/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: News of a Greek deal yesterday morning saw GBP/USD trade up to a high of 1.6050. It has settled lower overnight and opens this morning at 1.6005. This has been the range over the last 24 hours. UK Revised GDP data for Q3, released yesterday morning, printed ...
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Deal for Greece supports move higher in GBP/USD

27/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: After threatening to fall back below the 1.6000 level on Monday morning cable has recovered to open this morning at 1.6048. This comes following the news that EZ finance officials and the IMF have agreed a deal for a Greek bailout. €44 billion of aid ...
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USD remains weaker after Friday''s sell-off in thin trade

26/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: In thin’ish trade on Monday the USD lost ground across the board and quite quickly come the end of the European session. GBP/USD pushed up through the 1.6000 figure on Friday afternoon, triggering stops along the way. It eventually traded to a high at ...
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GBP/USD flat as US public holiday makes for lacklustre trading

23/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD was flat yesterday. The release of better than expected Chinese data which came out before London came on board helped to improve risk sentiment and GBP/USD traded to a high of 1.5980 on the news. It failed to hold at this level and it soon drifted ...
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Better than expected Chinese PMI sees USD open broadly weaker

22/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Risk, a fickle thing, is back on this morning. This comes post ‘no deal on Greece’ risk selling earlier in the week. The release of better than expected Chinese PMI overnight has underpinned the move higher in Asia. The index came in at 50.4 in ...
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Risk off as Euro group fails to agree a deal for Greece

21/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The USD is stronger this morning after risk came off overnight. This has come after EU finance ministers/ECB officials and IMF officials failed to agree on a deal for Greece. The German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that complicated choices ...
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Moody''s downgrades French sovereign debt but EUR/USD holds up well in advance of Euro group meetings

20/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD barely moved yesterday and traded a 1.5890/1.5920 range. There’s been no UK data to report on over the last 24 hours either and that won’t change today. Commodity currencies have done will overnight as risk sentiment has improved, ...
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USD opens lower as markets hope for details of Greek aid package to be finalised

19/11/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: After falling close to the 1.5800 level towards the end of last week we’ve witnessed a bit of a short squeeze in GBP/USD overnight and early this morning. It’s back up through 1.5900 this morning, although only just and after trading to a high ...
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