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Eyes move from Greece over to the US for employment data today

09/03/2012 |OzForex

United States Dollar: Cable opens up within yesterday’s tight range. We saw no surprises from the UK releases Thursday as interest rates were kept on hold at 0.50 % and the asset purchase facility at 325 billion. Sterling was however sitting higher against the US Dollar ...
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All eye remain focused on Greek debt swap deal later today

08/03/2012 |OzForex

United States Dollar: Sterling is on the push higher against the US Dollar this morning as an air of optimism surrounds the Greek bond swap. The Pound saw no key data releases yesterday and it showed with a quiet UK session for cable. All eye and ears were remaining on ...
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Concerns over Greek debt swap deal sees USD strengthen

07/03/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: Cable losses have been seen amidst concerns over Greece's debt restructuring programme and the deteriorating outlook for the global economy. Yesterday saw Sterling start the day on the back foot with UK house growth weakening slightly in February coming in 0.8 % ...
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Aussie and Kiwi are the big movers after overnight RBA release

06/03/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: US data saw cable higher overnight, but this was short lived. A fairly quite UK session was seen for the currency pair yesterday. UK services PMI data showed that growth came in below expectation and below economists’ predictions. Having said this, it still ...
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Sentiment turns negative after European and Asian news

05/03/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: The latest from Europe sees Cable sitting lower this morning. There was little in the way of domestic data for the Pound or the US Dollar on Friday with the only release being UK construction PMI data. A solid rise in February's UK construction sector output ...
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FX market quiet whilst economic data is thin. EU Summit starts today.

02/03/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: The pound has been steady against the US dollar throughout the last 24 hours. Cable has traded a range of 1.5920/1.5970. It still finds the 1.6000 level a tough barrier to break as heavy corporate supply exists ahead of the big figure. There was little to get excited ...
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LTRO results positive but EUR/USD falls in a classic case of buy the rumour sell the fact

01/03/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: GBP/USD performed strongly yesterday and ended up trading to a high of 1.5993. The 1.6000 was a tough psychological barrier to break but ultimately the pound received good support early on from much better than expected data including net lending to individuals, ...
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All eyes on LTRO results from Europe today amid plenty of data releases

29/02/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: The USD has been sold off over the last 24 hours in anticipation of a big liquidity injection by the ECB today. The central bank will initiate its second longer term refinancing option (LTRO). Rumours floating around Asia put the LTRO take up estimate at €525 ...
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S&P cuts Greece to “selective default” but market reaction remains muted

28/02/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: The greenback posted gains against most of its major counterparts on Monday, the exceptions were the commodity dollar bloc which performed strongly on the day. GBP/USD tracked lower for most of the day and didn’t bounce off its afternoon lows around 1.5825 despite ...
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G20 Finance Ministers call for greater ESM/EFSF firepower to prevent European contagion

27/02/2012 |OzForex

:: United States Dollar: The USD continued to outperform the JPY on Friday but fell against both the EUR and GBP as cable was dragged higher by a rampant EUR/USD pair with risk rallying into the weekend. Friday’s UK Q4 GDP data was released in line with expectations at -0.2% q/q which lent ...
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