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Aussie dollar slammed on weak private capital expenditure data

28/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The dollar continued to strengthen yesterday supported by further bids in USD/JPY which shifted through 124.00. Overall it was a fairly quiet day though amid a lack of any major economic data from the UK or US. The Queen’s speech also failed to ...
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Dollar firms up with markets back in full swing

27/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Markets were back in full swing yesterday and the theme of the day was one of dollar strength. This was prompted early on by solid bids in USD/JPY - the pair went on to trade to 8 year highs (through 123.00). Cable slipped back towards 1.54 and then ...
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Euro weakens as Grexit worries grow

26/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: It’s been a relatively quiet start to the week with Germany, France, the UK and US enjoying a bank holiday weekend. Cable currently trades at 1.5410 after dropping from 1.5640 on Friday afternoon as US Core CPI m/m unexpectedly rose from 0.2% to ...
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Pound rises after strong retail sales data

22/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The pound got a boost yesterday from a very strong Retail Sales figure for April which printed 1.2% growth for the month. With the markets expecting 0.4% the much better than expected print saw cable rise from 1.5525 in early trading to push through 1.56 ...
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Markets steady after MPC and FOMC minutes

21/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Yesterday was dominated by central bank minutes from either side of the Atlantic with details of both the MPC and FOMCs last meetings published. First up was the MPC which confirmed another 9-0 vote in favour of keeping Bank rate at its current all-time ...
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Deflation hits UK for first time since 1960

20/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: It was volatile day on the FX markets yesterday with some big movements for the pound. First up we had confirmation that the UK had slipped into negative inflation for the first time since March 1960. The headline CPI figure dropped from flat to -0.1% ...
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Markets await UK CPI data

19/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Today sees the latest CPI data released at 9:30am which could see the UK slip into negative territory for the first time in over 50 years. A third consecutive reading of 0.0% is expected however some are expecting a temporary spell of deflation in the UK ...
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Markets eye UK CPI next week

15/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: It has been a relatively quiet end to the week with little data of note from the UK in the past 24 hours. The US posted another strong Unemployment Claims release yesterday with 264k vs the expected 272k. We had more underwhelming inflation data too as ...
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GBP/USD hits 2015 high

14/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: It was a volatile day for the pound yesterday as the weeks key data releases arrived one after the other in the morning. First up, at 9:30am, was the latest wage growth data which on release saw cable push through 1.57 to its highest level of the year. ...
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GBP/USD closes in on break of 1.57 ahead of important data

13/05/2015 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Last week’s election result continues to provide support to the pound and it’s now close to making a break through 1.57 vs. the U.S. dollar. It got a further boost yesterday morning following the release of better than expected UK ...
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