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GBP/USD holds 1.6000 before rebounding post US NFP

07/01/2013 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The pound slipped to a low of 1.6010 vs. the US dollar on Friday, the decline prompted in part by the weaker than expected UK Services Purchasing Managers’ Index which came in at 48.9 vs. expectations for 50.4. This print meant that the service sector ...
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USD firms up following hawkish FOMC minutes

04/01/2013 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The US dollar continued to strengthen yesterday after the minutes of Federal Reserve Meeting, released last night, were slightly more hawkish than many investors were expecting. They showed that policy makers are starting to grow wary of further asset ...
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Traders quick to take profit following post US deal rally in GBP/USD

03/01/2013 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Risk remains on this morning following the news that the US has avoided its fiscal cliff. Traders in the FX market though have been quick to take profits following the risk associated sell off in the USD. After trading above the 1.6350 level yesterday cable ...
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Risk on as US bill is approved to avoid fiscal cliff

02/01/2013 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Risk is on this morning after a bill was approved in the US House of Representatives to avoid the fiscal cliff. Congress voted in favour of a compromise deal between the Republican and Democratic parties that will see tax rises for the wealthiest 2% in the ...
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Markets on the edge as we approach the cliff

28/12/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Unfortunately not much has changed since yesterday, both in what is being reported and how investors are reacting in the currency markets. President Obama and lawmakers will meet at the White House today to try and revive negotiations that have ...
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Risk down over Christmas break

27/12/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Focus remains squarely on the US budget as President Obama and Congress return to Washington today and have just five days to reach a deal to avoid more than $600 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax increases. A general risk-off mood over the ...
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Aussie/ Kiwi Dollars Remain Lower on Fiscal Cliff Concerns

24/12/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD earlier dropped to the lowest level in more than a week after a report showed house prices in England and Wales fell for a sixth month in Dec. Sterling fell to 1.6140, the lowest since Dec 14 before moving back up above 1.6200. At the time ...
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The odds go up that the US go over the fiscal cliff

21/12/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The US dollar strengthened against most of its major counterparts yesterday as riskier currencies like the EUR, AUD and NZD were sold off after a Republican proposal to deal with the so-called fiscal cliff failed to get enough support, intensifying ...
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US ''fiscal cliff discussions heat up and financial markets sit and wait

20/12/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD remains steady this morning, positioned around 1.6262, after climbing to 1.6307 yesterday - its strongest level in almost three months. There has been a raft of data released that helped GBP/USD breach 1.6300 and also for it to come back ...
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GBP/USD and EUR/USD strengthen

19/12/2012 | OzForex

United States Dollar:GBP/USD strengthened for the fourth consecutive day and climbed to the highest level in three months as speculation grew that the BOE will release minutes today that will show ...
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