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Big data day for USD and GBP

27/10/2016 | OzForex

Andrew Atkins United States Dollar: The USD needed a strong day to take focus from the Consumer confidence ...
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Consumer Confidence calms USD''s climb

26/10/2016 | OzForex

Andrew Atkins United States Dollar: Yesterday started strong for the USD. With continued interest ...
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USD rate hike expectations reach over 70%

25/10/2016 | OzForex

Andrew Atkins United States Dollar: Monday saw the USD continue to climb after talks from FOMC members ...
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Quiet start to week ahead of key UK data

24/10/2016 | OzForex

It’s a relatively quiet start to the week data-wise however holders of sterling will be concerned at comments from the head of the British Bankers Association, Anthony Browne stating that banks may start to move operations out of the UK as soon as Christm
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ECB announcement pushes dollar to 7 month highs

21/10/2016 | OzForex

Andrew Atkins United States Dollar: A busy day for the U.S yesterday saw unemployment claims climb to 260K ...
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Oils jumps pulling Aussie and Kiwi higher

20/10/2016 | OzForex

Wage growth data was released from the UK yesterday coming in as forecast at 2.3% from the same period the year before. The accompanying unemployment figures showed no change holding steady at 4.9% from the month before. GBP/USD pushed up through 1.23 on
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UK CPI hits highest level since Nov 2014

19/10/2016 | OzForex

GBP/USD rose to as high as 1.2325 yesterday as UK inflation hit its highest level since November 2014. The latest CPI figures from the Office of National Statistics saw a rise from 0.6% to 1.0% higher than the 0.9% pencilled in.
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CPI set to rise on sterlings fall

18/10/2016 | OzForex

The news was dominated by Brexit yet again yesterday (as is likely to be the case for the rest of the decade) as a legal challenge to the vote to leave the EU reached the High Court.
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Report predicts jump in UK inflation

17/10/2016 | OzForex

There was more bad news over the future of the UK economy published this morning with a report by EY’s Item Club expecting the UK to face a period of weaker growth in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.
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Greenback Gains Showing No Signs of Slowing

14/10/2016 | OzForex

Joe Eastwood United States Dollar: Yesterday, ...
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