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Pound bulls hope for Brexit deal

19/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD rose yesterday as gains in equities and hopes that David Cameron will broker improved reforms to the UK’s membership in the EU helped to prop up Sterling. Starting the day around the 1.43 mark, the pound rose over 0.75 cents through the ...
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Pound under pressure ahead of crunch Brexit talks

18/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Sterling has failed to claw back Tuesdays losses against the dollar over the past 48 hours ahead of key political negotiations in Brussels over the UKs future in the EU. EU Council President Donald Tusk has stated a deal is needed and negotiations have ...
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Rise in inflation fails to save Sterling

17/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Yesterday was a volatile day on the FX markets for Sterling as an early rally was followed by a dramatic drop in its value. As London came on line cable started to push higher from 1.4430 to reach 1.4515 by around 8:45am. The rally in the pound was driven ...
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Euro weaker as shares recover

16/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: GBP/USD traded lower through yesterday’s sessions as the Greenback gained steadily across the board. China returned following their extended break for the lunar new year and posted a mixed bag of trade data. January’s annualised Exports and ...
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Dramatic Start to the Week in Asia

15/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: A quiet start to the week for the US as it celebrates Presidents day. A lot of noise coming out of the Asian session this morning, with disappointing GDP figures in Japan and weaker than expected trade data coming out in China. With this backdrop the USD ...
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Banks take a Bashing as Global stocks decline

12/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Yellen entered her second day of testimony yesterday with the same tone from the previous day. She re-iterated that further rate hikes could be delayed or not as excessive if the global economy continues to slow. The statement will weigh heavily on the ...
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FED remains cautious but will push on

11/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: Markets had been waiting and gearing up towards yesterday’s testimony from the FEDS Yellen. What was expected to give us some clear direction turned out to be a relatively muted statement. There was some positives to take away and it certainly ...
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Global Stocks take a battering on pancake day

10/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: What was anticipated to be a quiet Shrove Tuesday soon turned out to be a very eventful one. We have been building all week to hear Yellens speech today and with no real certainty on what she may have to say the markets are behaving jittery. The current ...
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Oil is the driver after a thin trade

09/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: In what was an uneventful start to the week the US dollar still remains well supported from the largely upbeat U.S employment report on Friday. Markets are gearing towards Yellens appearance on Wednesday for further indications on the pace of the FEDS ...
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USD rebounds after strong employment data

08/02/2016 | OzForex

United States Dollar: The Dollar pushed higher on Friday after the release of mostly positive U.S. employment data. Although the non-farm release fell short of its forecast, the pick-up in wage growth bolstered the outlook for inflation and increased the likelihood that the ...
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